Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mishap at LEGOLAND

Lainey's uncle got married in Los Angeles in April. We decided to enjoy a few days before the wedding at the beach and at LEGOLAND. Lainey and her dad loved riding the roller coasters. After they finished riding "The Dragon", Lainey's dad came to me holding Lainey's pump...site attached and all! Somehow the tubing got caught and the site came out of Lainey's arm. Bummer!

We usually use numbing cream with a site change, but this particular day required something quick.

Lainey was so brave. She had a new site put in without using numbing cream!

We changed her site right in the middle of the parking lot of LEGOLAND. We counted to 3, she took a deep breath, and there we go. Great job Lainey!


Jules said...

What a brave girl! In the carpark and all!!

Betty Heath said...

You and Lainey are amazing! What an amazing job--in the parking lot! I remember changing her site. You are such a pro! Way to go!! She is being so patient in the picture! Sweet!

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