Monday, October 26, 2009

What's a Mom to Do?

I remember talking to a mom, when Lainey was a baby, about how great it was that her kids were old enough to get themselves a bowl of cereal without waking her up in the morning. That's cool right? Your kid is independent enough to feed themself and mom can sleep in. Well no, it's not cool when that kid is a diabetic.
For the last two mornings my girls will get out of bed, go downstairs, and turn on the T.V. I don't get bothered and enjoy an extra hour or so of sleep. When I've finally drag my behind out of bed and get the girls some breakfast, I've gotten the surprise of my life. Lainey's BG is in the 400's! She is rarely high in the mornings. Totally out of the norm. So I go downstairs to investigate and find a bag of cereal in front of the T.V.
What's a mom to do?
I don't want to battle over food. I don't want to put locks on the kitchen cupboards. I don't want my daughter to starve while I sleep. She thinks she's doing me a favor by not waking her mother up. And she is! A HUGE favor! I like sleeping until 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. I've done my best to teach Lainey that we check her sugar before she eats and she needs insulin with her food. But she's only 3!
Any advice from you moms who've been there?


Meri said...

Tough one. When J was three I used to catch him under his bed eating butter. At least it was low carb...I would talk to her. She probably understands more than a typical 3 year old would. I tell L, who's 5, that if he eats without checking his sugar and he eats food without insulin, that he may get a bad tummy ache and that would be so sad. He often asks me at the store..."Does this have a lot of sugar? Will it give me a tummy ache?" I wish I had better advice...Good luck!

PS. I loves me my sleep too...I miss it. :(

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to sleep in so late! LOL I'm not sure what to tell you though. That is a hard one. Maybe you could wake up with the girls, get them breakfast and then go back to bed? I often will do that with my boys. I usually lay on the couch while they watch TV.

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