Thursday, October 1, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine or Not?

I took Lainey to her Endocrinologist appointment a couple weeks ago. The doctor "recommend" that Lainey receive the swine flu vaccination along with her regular flu shot. The moment he said it, I got that bad feeling; the feeling where your stomach rises to your throat. I truly believe in "that feeling", whether you call it mother's intuition, the Holy Spirit, God, or what. Modern medicine is amazing, but only a mother knows her child.
So I did a little Internet research on the swine flu, the symptoms, location of outbreaks, vaccinations, history, etc. It's hard to know where to stand, but I'm 95 percent sure I won't be taking Lainey to get the swine flu vaccination. My impressions were confirmed when I called my pediatrician's office and they said they weren't offering the vaccination.
I'd like to know what other T1 Moms think. What are your opinions?
I know diabetics immune systems are more susceptible to sickness and hospitalization, and I 100 percent believe in the flu vaccine. I'm comforted in knowing that it's been around for 20+ years and there have been little side effects.
My concerns about the swine flu and swine flu vaccinations:
  • Has enough research been done?
  • There have only been clinical trials completed with the vaccination.
  • Is there too much media hype concerning people and making them paranoid?
  • The swine flu and influenza have the same symptoms. Which is which?
  • This is the 1st year of the swine flu vaccination. Will it work? Is it too early to know?
  • People can die from all different types of influenza.
  • Are pharmaceutical companies just trying to make a buck?
  • What happened to common sense: hand washing and proper hygiene.
Thoughts? Even if you don't agree with me, I'd like to know.


Joanne said...

Arrrgh, I'm wrestling with the very same thing. I'll have decided one way, then I hear something that sways me to the other side. I just don't know what the answer is. I know Elise's pedi recommended it.

AjsMommy82 said...

Alivia already got her flu shot at her 3yr well child visit a few weeks ago and the swine flu shot is not even allowed to be given to children or pregnant women in our state...even if it was allowed I wouldn't let her get it. I totally agree with you!

Meri said...

I'm on the fence. 1/2 our fam got it and for my diabetic it was managable...with tamiflu. My husband flew through it, and I went through two weeks of hell. I don't want my babies to go through what I did, but on the flip side, if they show symptoms, I would hopefully get them on Tamiflu asap because it really makes a difference. I still need to have the SERIOUS talk with my endo about it. I REALLY trust her. She has babies, and will understand where I'm coming from. I can't wait to hear what she has to say.

Shamae said...

Interesting. Syd's doc recommends it for high risk patients. Type 1 diabetics fall into that category but I'm unsure about getting it too. She had her regular flu shot and I'm leaning toward just letting that be sufficient along with proper hand washing, etc.

Green World said...

Your instincts are usually right on target as the body can sense danger before it happens. I developed an allergy to a polio-tetnus shot, and when I got a flu shot - I was sick for 6 months. I will not take any shots again. They have not been proven to work-and this one is very dangerous to especially those who have illness. The swine flu or any flu shot has not been tested for cancer. That tells you all you need to know. I got breast cancer from a drug-I won't make that mistake again. Trusting a drug company-is like trusting the devil himself. You don't need it-I am taking 5,000 IU of Vit D, which prevents the swine flu virus, and cancer.
What else do you need to know?

Beth said...

This is a tough one, for sure.
We've pretty much decided against it...our DD is 12 and has gotten a "regular" flu shot every year since diagnosis. When she saw her pedi a month or so ago, she got the flu shot and her pedi said, "As soon as the swine flu shots come in she should come and get one". My gut is telling me NO as well - there are an awful lot of unanswered questions about it, at least in my mind. One thing that stands out to me is that the nasal mist form uses live virus, but we have been told repeatedly that as a T1, she should NOT have the live-virus type of flu shot. So why should she have the live-virus swine flu one? Honestly, I think she is just recovering from the swine flu anyhow; she's been sick for a week and her symptoms fit (we didn't take her in because by the time we figured out she was actually sick it was too late for Tamiflu). We see the endo tomorrow, and I'm going to see what she says - but I'm still not thinking positively about it.

boyd said...

I am a twenty one year old college student. I have been diabetic since i was eight years old. My father is an emergency room physician and told me he stronly recomended i DO get the shot. It is intersting to me how people that do not understand medicine make these kinds of desicions. It would be stupid enough to go agianst your doctors advisde when its your own body and your own life but surely when its your childs.
Boyd Brown

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