Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Let Her Do What?

What mother lets her 3 year old play with syringes?
We T1 Moms do!

Lainey wanted me to take pictures of her bear, while she followed me around taking pictures with her Disney Princess camera. We did this for a half an hour. She was very creative finding different back drops and poses for her bear.


Meri said...

I remember meeting with a caterer for a church event at my house when J was about a year. J grabbed a bag of needles off the table and was taking the caps of and then putting them back on. She was horrified. I was like, it's part of who he is, if he sticks himself, he'll learn to be more carful next time. And you know what, he played with them quietly during our entire meeting and didn't stick himself once! :)

Anonymous said...

That's cute that she wanted to take pictures of her bear. I understand about the needle thing. It's kind of a scary thing, but it is part of her life!

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