Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning Lows

Lainey usually wakes me in the morning to eat breakfast. A few mornings ago I woke up at 8:30 and thought how strange it was that Lainey hadn't come into my bedroom. I opened my door, walked down the hall, and heard Lainey crying in the living room. She ran to me and wouldn't let go! I held her for 10 minutes, asking her what was wrong, but all I heard was jibberish. It didn't occur to me her BG was low. I thought she may have had a bad dream.
Eventually, I got her a bowl of cereal and she ate the entire bowl before I was able to check her sugar, which came up as 57. And that was after 15 carbs.


Meri said...

That is so hearbreaking. I can't even imagine how scary a low is for any diabetic, never mind a little girl. :(

Is she still waking up low, or was it a fluke?

Glad she had a great momma to love her and make her feel better!

Shamae said...

Oh that is scary!! Syd had 3 mornings in a row where she was 44, 41, and 46...scary stuff!!

How is she feeling now?

Meridith said...

Yikes!!!! Scary!! It was good talking to you today.

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