Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Mr. Barber

Oh, Mr. Barber. You do not fully understand how many T1 Moms you've upset!

My friend, Shamae, posted this on her blog.
I opened my Sunday paper today and flipped to one of my favorite sections, the Letters to the Editor. I was shocked and angered to read this letter:
On Oct. 3, myself and my girlfriend were eating lunch at Burger King. A family came in and sat across the aisle from us. While the father was ordering food, we were shocked and appalled to see a boy inject himself with whatever medication, in front of God and everybody all while sitting at the table. We found this extremely offensive. That sort of business should be done in private. How about a little respect for those around you. Other than the obvious fact that it's not sanitary for those who use the table next, you have no idea how something like that can affect people. People go through a lot in their life and things like that may bring up certain feelings and memories best forgotten. I would like to thank those that day for totally ruining my meal.

If you'd like to read some of the reponses to this complaint, take your pick:
Shamae, mother of Sydney
Meri, mother of 3 diabetic boys
Joanne, mother of baby Elise

Wendy, mother to Adalyne

Jen, mother of baby Addison



Meri said...

Thank you for putting all the letters into one place! When I have a minute I'm going to sit down and read them all together so I can get the full effect the paper got when these were sent in. I know of many more letters that were sent. I think it is awesome!

Shamae said...

Yes there were many more letters in addition to these great ones you posted Megann. It is great!

Megann said...

Yeah, I searched for as many responses as I could, but I know I missed some. I'm so sorry if yours isn't there! Let me know and I can add a link to this post.

You moms are wonderful and thanks for being proactive.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How ignorant can people be?! I can't believe that someone wrote that!!

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