Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Confession of Guilt

It seems as though my girls are going through a growth spurt, and Lainey is no exception. She eats all the time! An hour after breakfast, which includes 3 bowls of cereal, she's asking me to eat again. On some days she eats lunch at 10:30 a.m.
So obviously it's been harder for me to control her blood sugars. For dinner, one night, her sugar was in the 300's and she ate a 19 carb corn dog. I ended up giving her a big dose of insulin.
And then, what'd you know, she's asking to eat a couple hours later. "No!" I say, "You just ate. You don't need anything." This little exchange goes on for at least a half an hour.
Then the diabetic mom comes out in me, and I think to myself, "What if she really needs something to eat?" I grab Lainey's meter, prick her finger, squeeze the blood onto the test strip, and wait for the reading: 40
Well, don't I feel like a great mom? Guilt immediately sets in. For the last half an hour Lainey's been wanting to eat because she feels low. She is low! And why did it take me so long to figure it out?
Oh, has any other T1 Mom done that? I can't wait for the day when Lainey is old enough to describe to me how she's feeling. It can't come soon enough!


Shamae said...

OH Megann i have been there too...many times. Sydney is 5 so she can tell me a lot of the times when she is low but often she gets busy playing and it isn't until she is really low that she realizes it. I am sure a plethora of other moms can relate. Don't beat yourself up.

jen said...

Hi Megann,
I have been here too. Addison is 2 1/2 and he can't really tell me if he is low or high yet. Sometimes hunger can signal he is high and there have been times where I have put off giving him food thinking he was high and he was wanting something because he was going low. It is so hard & frustrating! But like Shamae says, we can't beat ourselves up. We are all doing the best we can!!

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