Friday, July 3, 2009

Lainey's Grandma

I'm very grateful for the support of both mine and Dustin's families with Lainey's diabetes. Since we live closer to Dustin's parents, Lainey's Grandma has been called on many times to babysit. It was very hard for me to pass on Lainey's diabetic care to someone besides Dustin, but I soon realized it was necessary if Dustin and I ever wanted to get away together. Grandma has learned how to check Lainey's sugar, count carbs, and give insulin doses. For the last 2 years, Dustin and I have gone to California for Spring Break, just the two of us. Dustin's mom was kind enough to volunteer to watch the girls for an entire week! This is not an easy job! For this last trip, I trained Betty how to change Lainey's pump site. We practiced several times and she did great. Lainey was in good hands while we were gone. Thank you Grandma!


Shamae said...

Wow you are lucky!! How great! Loren and I haven't been on a date since Novemeber!

Wendy said...

What a wonderful family! Those are some super cute girls you have there...I'm kinda parial to girls, you know :)

Anyway, my mom is looking for some on-line pals who are grandparents of diabetic children. Please pass along her blog to your family -- THANKS!!!!

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