Friday, July 23, 2010

Diabetes Camp 2010

For the last two summers we've taken Lainey to Sweet Kids Day Camp in Boise. It's a three day camp, hosted by Humphrey's Diabetes Center, for kids ages 3-7. I'd drop Lainey off at 9am and pick her up at 2pm. Every day was filled with different activities: clowns, games, the zoo. She had a blast!

Emily, Lainey, and Kristen.
These were Lainey's camp counselors. They were in charge of the girls ages 4 and 5. Kristen, on the right, has had diabetes for 9 years. Emily has a sibling with diabetes. Lainey was in very capable hands.

I will always remember 4 year old Miles. We met him in the waiting room of Humphrey's the day before camp. I noticed his camp shirt and struck up a conversation with his mom. When Miles' mom told him Lainey had diabetes, he exclaims, "YOU HAVE DIABETES TOO!" while holding up his hand to Lainey for a high five.
The next morning at camp, when he saw us, Miles asks, "Are you following me?"
Love this kid!

The camp had an Indian theme. Lainey struck this pose at the last second for the camera. What a crack up!

This is Sue, a RN at Humphrey's and one of the directors of the camp. Silly me, I forgot to bring Lainey's pump case to Boise. Sue saved us by giving Lainey a donated pump pack. Lainey thought this was the coolest gift and really took to Sue for the rest of the camp.

Lainey made this headband and drum at camp.

Lainey's friend Katrin. They loved to hula hoop together.



Heather said...

Looks like she had fun! I wish that we had a day camp closer to us.

Meridith said...

What a great time, looks like fun!! SO glad you could go again!

Hallie Addington said...

I am so incredibly jealous! And so incredibly happy for you! What a wonderful experience! I LOVE it! Glad it was such a success!

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