Friday, January 28, 2011

Lainey's Grandpa Richey

We have a new Super Hero when it comes to diabetes.
Lainey's Grandpa Richey.
While in Arizona over Christmas Break, I enjoyed sleeping in while my parents fed my kids in the morning. I'd usually get up soon after the girls did in order to give Lainey her breakfast insulin. However, one morning I really slept in and raced into the kitchen to check on the breakfast status. My dad calmly explained, "Lainey showed me how to use her pump, and I already gave her insulin." I was dumbfounded! I guess Lainey has watched me show people how to bolus her enough times to know the drill.
On a side note: Since Lainey began preschool in September, she's been checking her own blood sugar before lunch and before she gets on the bus to come home. She's taken on a lot of responsibility and we're so proud of her in how she's managing her diabetes.
It seems as though we have another Super Hero in the house.
Her name is Lainey.


Joanne said...

Awesome! Love the pic... Lainey is indeed a rock star.

Lora said...

Aren't parents incredible? Even when we grow up, they still love and take care of us....and our children!

And go Lainey with your big self - you are a great example to Willie!!

Meri said...

That is SO great! Sleeping in? And he having the courage to follow through and bolus her? Awesome!

Lainey is a hero! It is such a surprise how much they can do, so young. They are crazy responsible, and crazy heroic!

Betty Heath said...

Lainey is an amazing child. She can be so capable and grown up. Who would have thought she could train her grandpa on the use of her pump? It's absolutely incredible that she checks her own sugar at lunch and before the bus. That is so wonderful! I wonder if the diabetes camp helped her with that expectation (and her parents.) I'm very proud of you!

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