Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Through Children's Eyes

Lainey took this pic of Libbs. Not bad.
It never ceases to amaze me how observant children are, especially when it comes to diabetes. I get asked by 3-5 year olds, "What's that she has?" "Why are you doing that?" I try to explain in simple terms, but sometimes I don't know what to say, and so I started including observers in the check sugar/insulin dose process.
Lainey attends weekly nursery at church. When they have snack time, of course 'Lainey's Mommy' comes in with the little black case to prick her finger. One particular Sunday, I was asked by a 3 year old if he could have a turn. So I pretended to prick his finger, put imaginary blood on a test strip, and I told him "You're 76. You are just right!" Then I proceeded to 'check' the next 7 kids around the snack table.
Nowadays when I come to check sugar during snack time, random kids will hold up their finger and point it at me to 'check'. They don't see Lainey as different, and they sort of understand that she needs 'medicine' every time she eats. I'm grateful she feels included and comfortable around other children.
Today, as I was putting the girls down for a nap, I got out Lainey's meter to check her. My cute 2 year old sits up in bed and asks, "Mommy? Keck Nay-nee's egua?" (Translation: Mommy? Check Lainey's sugar?) I answered yes. Then Libby said "Oh" and laid back down.
She knows more than most kids her age.

Another picture, courtesy of Lainey.


Shamae said...

There is something very sweet about that! What a cutie! TFS!

Meri said...

I could just see those babies lining up in nursary to get their "check." It is really adorable, and so great for your little girls confidence too!

I often have to check many stuffed animal blood sugars after checking my youngest. But they usually are low and need a snack...

Diabetes Super MOM said...

Sweet Libby!! It is amazing how much they observe in a day, and how curious they are.

Good work Libby!!

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