Sunday, November 8, 2009

There's a reason I'm the mom.

I went away this (I went to my 10 year High School Reunion in Arizona.) Dad stayed home with the girls. Here are some conversations we had about Lainey's diabetes:
The morning I left---Me: "Will you check Lainey's sugar?"
5 minutes later---Me: "What was she at?"
Dad: "187"
Since she's eating breakfast---Me: "Did you dose her?"
Dad: "Nope. You just asked me to check her sugar."

Now I'm totally not mad at my husband. He's just very forgetful and gets distracted easily, which is typical when you have children. I just laugh and we joke that it's a good thing I stay home with the girls because Lainey's BG numbers would be...well you get the idea.

Saturday morning, 10:00 am, while talking on the phone with me---Dad: "Oh! I didn't dose Lainey for breakfast."

Breakfast was 2 hours earlier.

I arrived home this evening. The girls were still alive, for which I'm grateful. My husband and I were catching up on the events of the weekend:

Dad: "Well, I might as well tell you since you'll find out anyway."

Me: "What?"

Dad: "Yesterday morning Lainey went from 587 to 33 in a matter of a couple hours."

Me: "You do remember that you dosed her for breakfast at 10:00 yesterday morning."

Dad: "What? Ohhhh. Well that explains it."

(He had dosed her, forgot, checked her sugar 5 mins. later, and dosed her again.)

There's a reason I'm the mom.


Meri said...

That is so funny! And sounds oh, so familiar...

Diabetes Super MOM said...

DUH dad!!
Men can be so smart, and so clueless at the same time!!

Your blog is really cute!

Wendy said...

Oh yeah...insulin...

Almost forgot about that little life sustaining clear liquid in a bottle.

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