Friday, November 6, 2009

So Unpredictable

Just when I think I understand Lainey's blood sugars and how she'll respond to different types of food and dosages, I get thrown for a loop.
The other day---
7:30a.m: breakfast and dose
9:30a.m: dosed for 229 BG
10:00a.m: ate cupcake with an inch of frosting
forgot to dose
11:30a.m: checked sugar BG was 47

How in the world did that happen??
I just don't get it.
Blood sugars are never predictable when you have diabetes. Obviously when you eat something with a lot of carbs and don't have insulin, your BG will go high.
But sometimes you go low and don't know why.


Meri said...

We've had the same strange occurances before...we think the pancreas just gave a quick spirt of insulin. Who knows how it's just crazy...I totally know!

Wendy said...

Sometimes I think there's been a cure and someone forgot to mention it to me...just when you think you have it figured out -- BOOM -- there's a quick reminder that you don't.

Ah, but cupcakes ease the pain a little :)

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