Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Ah...another Halloween come and gone.
I'm so tired of all the candy, treats, and junk food. But I have to admit it was a fun week of activities...and a fun week of crazy blood sugars.
I'm late in posting these (um obviously, it's only November), but I wanted to show off my friend's amazing pictures that I stole from her blog. Thanks!

Before we set out on our candy consuming adventure.
Lainey didn't want her picture taken.
This is my neighbor who is everybody's aunt. She is so good with kids.

These neighbors have a diabetic grandson and gave Lainey cheese sticks when we came knocking. So sweet! Another friend gave Lainey play-doh.

Here's my grumpy Tinker Bell.

I remember when Lainey was first diagnosed being terrified about many things, mainly food and events. Every event that's celebrated revolves around food. I was especially terrified of Halloween. I read in a book about trading your child's candy for money and thought that was a cool idea. I also found these tips on

1. Exchange some of the candy collected while trick-or-treating with something else, such as a small toy or money. Younger kids might like this, especially since they can get something more permanent than candy.
2. Donate some of the candy collected to a local children's hospital or your local American Diabetes Association. Older kids might feel good about helping other kids.
3. Keep selected candy and fit it into your child's meal plan.

Alternatives to Candy
You may even wish to choose non-candy treats to give away. Some families give out Halloween-themed pencils, small plastic bugs, glow-in-the-dark rubber balls, or other small toys instead of candy. These kinds of items are readily available at local party-supply stores.

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