Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lainey's Grandpa

This is Lainey's Grandpa Heath. The two of them have a special connection---the connection being diabetes. Although Grandpa has type 2 diabetes, he still has to check his sugar and give himself insulin shots like Lainey does. He knows, better than I do, how Lainey feels.
Before Lainey had her insulin pump, we were at Grandpa's house (a 1/2 hour away from our home) and realized we were out of syringes. "Hey Dad?" Dustin asks, "Can we borrow one of your syringes for Lainey?" There is even a 'diabetic cupboard' at his house stocked with necessities for treating low blood sugars. We can usually find cheese sticks at Grandpa's house too, courtesy of Grandma of course.

Yep, Grandpa is a good guy to have around.

1 comment:

Meri said...

My father in law and my mother are also type 2. It's nice when we visit to use their meters if we need them. You can't have enough back up! :_)

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