Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lainey's Insulin Pump

Lainey got her first insulin pump (Animas 2020 ) June 1, 2007. And we didn't get it without a fight. Our insurance wouldn't cover the cost unless Lainey was diagnosed for at least 6 months. How ridiculous! It wasn't as if Lainey's diabetes would go away within that 6 month waiting period. It was truly a blessing that she got on the pump when she did.

Here is what Lainey's pump looks like. She wears it on her hip like a pager. We've even had strangers ask if it's a pager!
This is the vile that holds the insulin inside the pump.

This is called an infusion set. It basically gets insulin out of the pump and into your body. An infusion set is a tiny, flexible tube (called a cannula) you can insert under your skin. The infusion set is held in place with adhesive, so you can run, jump and play. We change the infusion set every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Right now we only put it in Lainey's bum.

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