Thursday, June 17, 2010

D-Family Gathering May 2010

Last month, while visiting family in Arizona, we had a barbecue at Donna's house. Five families were able to come and join the fun. What a great bonding experience!

Dinner time!
Libby, Lainey, Justin, and Jillian

Blowing Bubbles
Jillian and Lainey

Teeter Totter
Libby, Lainey, and Zane

Tracy's awesome license plate!

The whole gang
Overbay's, Ripley's, Heath's, Kinzie's, and Pahnke's

The D-mom's...and Libby
Danielle, Tracy, me, Donna, and Kristi

Only at our barbecue.

Blood sugar check!

1 comment:

The Crazy Pancreas said...

It was so much fun seeing you guys again! Can't wait until you are in AZ again! :-)

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