Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's your A1C?

Lainey goes to the Endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in diabetes care) for a check up every three months. While there, the nurse checks her blood for an A1C level. It's basically a way to see how well we're managing Lainey's diabetes. It's an average number of Lainey's blood sugars over a 3 month time period. To me it feels like a test to see if I pass or fail. I study diabetes for 3 months, then go take a blood test, and the A1C is my grade. Did I get an A, B, or C+? Since Lainey is too young to manage her diabetes by herself, I feel that this "grade" all comes down to me. How well do I manage Lainey's diabetes?
I know that's a lot of pressure to put on one's self, and those who walk in my shoes know that we shouldn't think that way, but we do anyway. We also know that diabetes is NOT a predicable disease. ANYTHING and ANY number can happen on ANY given day. Even if we ate the same foods, did the same activities every day, blood sugars will not be the same. Diabetes is a constant roller coaster.
For a diabetic, who is Lainey's age, a good A1C level is anywhere between 7.0 and 8.0. A non-diabetic's A1C is somewhere in the 4 or 5 levels (please correct me if I'm wrong). When we went to the Endo last September, Lainey's A1C was 7.1! Great number. Then in December, her A1C was again 7.1! I was very surprised and extremely happy that her blood sugars had been steady for 6 months.
Last Monday was our appt. with the Endo. I went there with very low expectations because Lainey's blood sugars have been on the high side lately. I expected a higher A1C, but believe it or not, Lainey's A1C was AGAIN 7.1! She's had steady blood sugars for the last 9 months.
Now I'm not writing about this to brag or ask for a pat on the back. I feel very blessed that my daughter is living a healthy life with an unhealthy disease. I don't feel alone in Lainey's diabetes care. I'm surrounded with a wonderful support system: a spouse, family, friends, D-moms, and doctors.
But I wouldn't be able to see these amazing A1C numbers if I didn't give credit to God. I know He helps us as parents. He loves His children, and He protects them and cares for their needs through other people.
I feel very blessed to have Him in my life.


Meri said...

It is my firm belief if we do our best, God will make up the rest. We've had many A1C's where I felt the immediate need to thank my Father in Heaven.

I'm so happy she is doing so well!! What a blessing. I saw the pics of your vacation and i LOVE the picture of you and the girls in the pool.. You all look so happy. What a wonderful family!

Hallie said...

Wow! What great news! A great, steady A1c, a fun family vacation, super cute kids... And a Father who loves us and watches over us! Fantastic! Happy Easter!!

Kelly said...

I dont think talking about a "good" A1c is bragging, I think it helps to hear others "grade" because it reinforces how different Diabetes is for everyone. Some can give little effort and get great results where some work constantly and cant budge. Good work!

Donna said...

I get my "grade" in 2 weeks - I know just how you feel! =)

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