Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peter Piper Pizza in Phoenix

That title has too many letter P's in it! This post is long over due. After Christmas I had the opportunity to meet two D-moms for lunch--Wendy and Tracy. I had the best afternoon! Thanks coming ladies! For more pictures and details check out Wendy's blog, which no doubt you've already seen.

Me, Wendy, and Tracy

Our children (from left to right)
Libby, Lainey, Kaelyn, Addy, Maya, Zane, & Savannah

The D-dads: Dustin and Rod

Dustin taking the girls on the roller coaster.

Libby on the carousel.

Enjoying ice cream cones.


Wendy said...

SO COOL!!!! I'm happy we got to meet and spend a few hours pretending to live close ;)

And I quote "I just love the friends who live in my computer"

;) ;)

phonelady said...

how cute looks like they all had a good time .

Tracy said...

We had so much fun meeting you guys too! Love the pictures with the three of us and Savannah trying to get away. And then the pic of all of the kids, with Savannah not wanting to participate. :)

Maybe next time you are in town we can get a good shot with everyone participating. :)

Laura Houston said...

I hope we all get to meet someday! Soon!

Shamae said...

FUN!! Love it!

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