Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today we haven't been on top of checking Lainey's blood sugar like we should have. Ever have one of those days? Where you don't check, but you still count carbs and give insulin doses? Please reassure me that I'm not the only one.
This evening Lainey kept asking for water and drinking a lot, so I thought it best be time to check her sugar. I thought she'd be high. To my surprise, her BG was 72. This is the conversation that followed:
"Oh. Lainey's high?"
"No, you're low."
"Yay! I get to eat bologna!!!"
"I do it! I do it!"
Well that definitely won't boost her sugar, but I doubt she'd understand. So I just laughed and let her eat bologna.


Laura Houston said...

I guess this is one of those stories where you DON'T have to be there because it made me laugh out loud.

I love Lainey!! I hope she enjoyed her bologna.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Meri said...

Oh are not the only one. Just tonight when the boys were halfway done eating their dinners, I turned to my husband and said, "It might have been a good idea to check them BEFORE they started eating." We totally forgot. He shrugged and said, "They'll be ok." And we just kept eating.

phonelady said...

You will find some days go like that I know they have for me . Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours .

Tracy said...

We have definitely had those day! And Zane usually asks for cheese, again, not going to raise the BG. :)

Shamae said...

hahaha that is cute!!! Just the other day we were at Wendys and I went to check Syd's sugar and we had 2 vials of test strips in her pack...both empty. So we just did our best to give her insulin...she was a little low at bedtime but not bad. So yes hun, been there. :D

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