Friday, November 13, 2009

Squirrel Watching

Our neighbor has a plum tree that hangs over the fence and onto our property. Recently we've been seeing many squirrels having a grand ol' time in that tree. Today, while at the grocery store, I came across some "critter food" and asked Lainey if she'd like to feed the squirrels. Of course she thought that would be the coolest thing ever.

When we got home, Lainey and I set to work in making a dish out of cardboard, attaching string, pouring food into it, and securing it into the tree. I had to laugh when she yelled, "Squirrels! It's time for eat." Then we watched from her bedroom window to see what would happen. A squirrel, whom she named "Daddy Squirrel", climbed up the tree to partake of the goodness we bought for him.

Being the diabetic mom that I am, I was curious to know if squirrels got diabetes. So I researched and apparently "diabetes has been reported in numerous domestic and wild mammals". In this particular study the squirrel's BG got up to 475! Interesting. And yes, perhaps a little silly on my part. I have many other things I could, and should, be doing with my time other than researching squirrels.

How many carbs to you suppose is in "critter food"?

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Wendy said...

I used to LOVE watching squirrels!!!! Now that I live in the desert...well...there's not much wildlife around here that I like to watch.

475? That's impressive!

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