Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not a Good BG Day

Here are some BG numbers from today:
It finally donned on me that she wasn't getting her insulin. Sure enough, her pump site was infected. We put some numbing cream on, gave her a syringe shot of 2 units (very traumatic!) and left to play with cousins at Blast Off.
12:15pm--Lainey comes to me crying. We get her pump back on and check her sugar. 39!!! She began consuming food like crazy: fruit snacks, fish crackers, apple juice, Cheetos. After about 2o minutes she was back running and playing in the ball pit.
I can't get over the fact that she went from 537 to 39 in an hour and a half! We've never had anything that drastic happen like that before. I shouldn't have given her 2 units of insulin since she would be running around and getting exercise, but how was I to know what would happen. That's just what diabetes is--a guessing game of the unknown.
Oh, what a day....


Meri said...

I just ran accross your blog and boy sister, have I been there! I expain to people that I could feed the boys the exact same thing every day and give them the exact same amount of insulin and their numbers would still be very different. What a crazy animal diabetes is!

Glad I found you, and...some of my favorite quotes are from Gordon B. Hinckley too! ;)

Shamae said...

Wow rough day! summer has really been a struggle for us as well! But we haven't had an infected site yet. Was it red and pussy or anything?

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