Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Big Brother She'll Never Have

Lainey spent the last 3 days in Utah with her cousins.
Lainey really took to her 8 year old cousin, Jake. He was so good playing with her and Lainey was his shadow! After spending the day with him, Lainey told me, "Mommy, that's my Jake."

Lainey and Jake played outside for an hour--swinging, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with the dog. Jake gave Lainey piggyback rides around the house. They watched movies and ate ice cream cones.

Jake and his brother kindly gave up their bedroom for us. Jake insisted that Lainey sleep in his bed. He had a hard time going to school because all he wanted to do was stay home and play with Lainey.
Jake's mom babysat Lainey for a couple days. Lainey's BG numbers were awesome while she was in her care. My aunt is a dietitian and is really good at counting carbs. Lainey's BG numbers were between 72 to 151 for two days! I was thinking I should leave Lainey in her care all the time because my aunt does a better job than I do.
As we were driving away Lainey said, "Mommy, had fun at Jake's house." It was hard to say goodbye, and I know Lainey will miss her 'big brother' very much.

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Meri said...

Cousins are so wonderful! My boys and my brothers kids are best friends, too bad they live all the way in Washington.

How wonderful it is to go away and know your child is happy and well taken care of. What a blessing!!

I've never seen a trampoline on the ground like that. Is it dug out underneath or up on blocks? Or Both? What ever it is, it is AWESOME!!

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