Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doctor's Visit

We drove to Utah March 31, 2009 for Lainey's appointment with her diabetes doctor, Dr. Swinyard. At the office, they checked her blood sugar to find the average of her sugars over a 3 month period (A1C level). Lainey's A1C was 6.8! That is super good, and the lowest her sugars have been since diagnosis. We were very happy. While in Utah we made a quick visit to see Uncle Kyle.
Our first appointment with Dr. Swinyard was April 10, 2007. For the first year and a half we'd drive to Utah every other month to see him. Now we go every 3 months. Once Lainey gets older and her sugars are more controlled, we'll see Dr. Swinyard once a year.

1 comment:

Shamae said...

AWESOME A1C!!! You guys rocked it!! Way to go!!

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